Yeelight beside lamp (Bluetooth)

After update my phones (xperia xz premium and xperia x) to android 8 i can’t connect my phones to my lamp, after reset lamp for 10 times still I can’t see the lamp in device list.another phone with android 6 connected to the lamp without any problem.

Have you disconnect your lamp from that android 6? Lamp could be only connected to one phone.


Go to bluetooth list in system setting, check if there is a device named as XMCTD.

There isn’t XMCTD


Is it possible for you to check with any Xperia device with android 8? Cuz i’m think maybe sony’s android has problem

We don’t have Xperia device in our lab, will try to figure it out.

I have a Samsung S9. Of course, it’s running Android 8.0, and I can confirm it’s the same thing.
My Windows 10 PC detects the lamp easily.

Hi, I have checked with Samsung with Android 8.0, the result seems ok.

@AnyHoLiC @Shifta
Since Android 6.0, bluetooth scanning for application need permissions of location, so please grant location permission and enable GPS service, then have a try.


Are you “Fero Leon”, who left similar comments in google play?

I have the same problem.

Redmi Note 5 Pro Global with Android 8.1 cant connect. However if I downgrade to Nougat I can. My old Motorola Marshmallow can also connect with no problems.


What you need to do is connecting to old old nougat phone, reset it, then enter Yeelight app settings in android and CLEAR DATA.

After that there will be no problems connecting it to a 8.0-8,1 device.

Took old phone. Connected to lamp. Reseted via app. Cleared data both on old and new 8.0 phone. Still not visible

Which device do you use? Could you see a hotspot named like “XMCTD” at your bluetooth setting page in Android 8.0?

Samsung s8. I don’t see this hotspot. However my Android 7 shows it

I mean Samsung S8 with Android 8 don’t show this hotspot. Another phone with Android 7 does it at the same time