YEELIGHT Bedside - Problem with connection

Mi ID: 1778426148

I have a YEELIGHT Bedside lamp that already was connected the Mainland China server In an effort of many hours.

In Order to work with Google Home I disconnect it from China server and trying to link it again to USA server, without success.

I follow all the rules ,using 2.4 GHz Router, No password for the Router, I see the AP named “yeelink-light-bslamp***”

Please assist me because I’ve wasted a lot of time and seems to nothing works!

Can someone please help me ?

Maybe see what happens from the servers side.

Seems you create another topic about your color bulb, i don’t see any bedside lamp in your account.

Because I can not connect it to the WiFI.

i have to lamp bulb and bedside.

could you please check, because before week ago i manage successes to connect them via the China server, but because of the Google Home,I disconnected them and now i cannot manage to connect the lamps to any of the servers.
I’ve been dealing with it for almost a week without success and I’m really desperate.

As for the color bulb, the App ask me to update the freeware, in 56% it was stuck and and since then, I have not been able to connect it.

Please assist me.

Many thanks!

For the connection issue, you can check by the following steps to see where the problem is:

  • Reset the lamp by power on and off 5 times in a row, and then see if there’s AP named like “yeelink-light-***” in your phone’s wifi list? If yes, go to see Step 2; If no, it means there’s something wrong with the wifi module of your lamp;

  • In Yeelight/MiHome application, add the lamp you want to connect. Make sure there’s no special character of your router’s password. If the connection successes, congratulations, if not, go to Step 3;

  • See if the lamp in your router’s DHCP list, if yes, it means there’s something wrong with connection between your router and Mi cloud. Please have a check with your ISP if it blocks some domain of xiaomi. If there’s not the lamp in your router’s DHCP list, it means, the lamp has problems to connect to your router. So please have a check if your router block the lamp or your router has connected as more devices as it can connect.

Thanks for the detailed answer!
I think I understand and found the problem, NO password in my router.
There is no password for my network router ( I mean that every time I try to login to ones of the apps, they asks for a password, ), so how can I connect to the Bedside LED without entering a password to my Router?

The lamp can only work with a router using WPA/WPA2 encryption method with a password.