Yeelight bedside | noise DC adapter

Hello YeeTeam,
First of all I wanted to congratulate your for the great product you deliver. I have 4 ceiling lamp and I love them.
Yesterday I received the 6 color led bulb I ordered to complete my installation, unfortunately I encountered the DC noise thingy which I never heard on the ceiling lamps, I guess they are in bigger rooms with less resonnance. I had to return them despite their quality because I am very sensible to that kind of noise :frowning:

I wanted to acquire the bedside lamp, since it will be right next to my hear I wanted to know if in that model the buzzing sound from the DC is similar as in the bulb, which would be a no go for me even if I really want it…

Thank you for your answer

I have the new Wifi Bedside Lamp directly next to me. But I don’t hear anything, even at night when my hearing gets more sensitive.
The DC Adapter only has the noise when no device is plugged in.

But I also have a colored RGBW Bulb and I also have no problem with it, so might be different for you.

With the new bedside lamp wifi, the noise is not from the adapter, is directly from the lamp, not in all colours.

Yep, this is true. The older model has not that noisy sound, and its not at al colours…

I guess it is the same as the bulb then, the noise is increased when it’s the “white” light and when the brightness is increased then?

If so I think I will pass :frowning: That’s a shame I really wanted one…

Yes the problem is due to the lack of pure colours, because white leds are on with every colour, and the noise is coming from that white leds.

Does the white led bulb has also that buzzing sound or it is only with the multicolour one? Thanks