Yeelight Bedside Lamp as Gateway

Can someone confirm that the Yeelight Bedside Lamp can also be used as a wifi gateway? I want to connect an aqara light switch, yeelight E27 bulb, and yeelight led strip together.

You can only connect Mi bluetooth temperature sensor to the Mijia bedside lamp (wifi version). Currently you cannot add any other devices.

Yeelight bedside lamp can’t act as a gateway because it is bluetooth and has no wifi. It also doesn’t have the Xiaomi Protocol chip that is needed for the lamp to act as a gateway. Only Mijia bedside lamp has bluetooth and wifi and can act as a gateway.

Yes I am talking about the Wifi+bluetooth version. So i cant connect an aqara switch to the bedside lamp right?

No I’m afraid not yet. The bedside lamp currently only supports Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor. Xiaomi can’t add aqara devices to work with the lamp because the devices must have Xiaomi’s new protocol chip for the aqara switch to work with the lamp. So Xiaomi can’t just fix this via a software update. Xiaomi says that 2018 will be a big deal for its IOT devices, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks! Really helpful!


Actually, All Yeelight Ceiling light also has the ability to act as a gateway, and latest firmware in beta version has supported it.

cool cant wait for the beta to be out

Woah, didn’t know that.

How Can I instal the beta software ?

Actually, All Yeelight Ceiling light also has the ability to act as a gateway, and latest firmware in beta version has supported it.

Does the Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 also have this ability?

Yes, of course.

Can you just make it clear to me since I ordered and have the JIAOYUE 650 on the way - what this exactly means.

Can I use Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee switch with this? What about the Aqara Wireless Version?

Can these switches then be used for OTHER Yeelights (strip, color bulb, etc) with JIAOYUE 650 as a gateway?

The gateway is a Bluetooth 4.0 gateway NOT Zigbee gateway, so it doesn’t support Aqara switch. If you have some other xiaomi bluetooth 4.0 devices, you can sync this device from the network via bluetooth gateway.

I don’t think so, these devices already have wifi module to connect to the cloud. please refer to

Can I bore you with just more questions, I need to understand the relation between Yeelight and MiHome? :slight_smile:

If I DO buy xiaomi zigbee gateway, I will be able to control my Led strip, color and mono bulbs and JIAOYUE 650 with Aqara Zigbee switch and Aqara Wireless switch?

I will need MiHome?

Can I use Yeelight app and MiHome app at the same time??

Yeelight only supports devices made by Yeelink while Mihome support more devices(Mi TV, video camera, wireless switch, etc…) connected to mi cloud. And they share the same server.

If you have xiaomi Zigbee gateway and Agara wireless switch, you can control Yeelight devices by “Automation” from Mihome.

Of course, you can use MiHome and Yeelight at the same time.

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Hi, a couple of questions on this topic:

I read that 1080p IP camera can also act as gateway (Zigbee? Bluetooth?). Which one? I have a Dafang 1080p.

Any ceiling lamp can be gateway? Only Bluetooth or also Zigbee?

Any other option to bypass the need of a standalone gateway?

Thank you

The aqara camera can be used as gateway

New JIAOYUE 450/650 can act as a gateway and also Aqara camera in post above. But only as BLE gateway. Not Zigbee…

Yes these just act as bluetooth gateways, in other words they mostly extend the range.
(Bluetooth has a shorter range than wifi)

Just get the Xiaomi Gateway V2:

You can use all Yeelights with it. Expand your lights with all sorts of sensors and switches.

Here are 2 good videos on what you can do with the gateway:

( why can’t we embed youtube vids here? )