Yeelight Application > Settings > Lan Control

I am trying to develop a third party client for my Color LED Bulb. So far I have not been able to communicate with the lamp even though I have set it to “developer mode”.
I did notice that in the app settings there is the following option “Lan Control”.
Can anyone explain what is its purpose and how it could possibly affect the development? Do I need it on along with the developer mode?

Thank you

If “Lan Control” is enabled, which means the control will be run in your local network if the device and your phone are in the same network.

“Lan Control” has nothing to do with “Developer mode”, more information please refer to

@dingyichen, every time I exit the app (swipe it out from the recent apps list) the LAN Control option switches off itself and I have to re-enable it again. Is it a bug?

Could it be you are experiencing huge latencies? I had the same problem which turned out to be that the status of the app would be refreshed almost 10 seconds later after doing some action. Check this thread to check if this also applies to you

After changing the Lan option stay on the page for at least 10 seconds or more. See if that changes anything.

I tried, still the same. LAN is always off when I return.

Yes, latency is noticable. But staying on the settings page after enabling LAN Control option changes nothing. Still OFF after restarting the app.

Actually sometime we are facing the same issue, but this LAN control is implemented by SDK, we can’t access the source code to figure out the root cause.
We will push SDK guy to take a look at it.

Guys what’s up with the LAN control? Could you PLEASE fix this, the latency for everyday use is unbearable!!! It can’t be that difficult to implement!! I mean, it is probably there just not working :slight_smile:

There is some problem with LAN control mode in certain network situation. We will optimize in new version.

If you can’t stand the latency, I suggest you switch to MiHome app until Yeelight improves theirs.

I can use Tasker and addon to send direct commands, but I prefer Yeelight because of the widget and I’m a bit lazy to set it all up :slight_smile: