Yeelight app for Windows & Windows mobile

I’m wondering if Yeelight has a plan to develop an app for Windows & Windows mobile.
In fact, with the popular of Windows 10 - which already overtaking Windows 7, an app built on Universal windows platform is available for both PC & mobile (windows & windows mobile) through the windows store.
As a windows user as many others out there. I would like to install Yeelight app from windows store and able to control the light bulbs
Hope to here something good from you :slight_smile:

We will take a look at it, but I can’t make any commitment so far.

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or better yet, a web app. this would work across browsers on many OSes, not just windows.
just my $0.02

web app is also great but I still expect an native windows app.
The user experience is much better :slight_smile:

Yeelight App is good for every people. Yeelight App is available for windows and windows mobile. Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system for personal computers, tablets, embedded devices and internet of things devices. If your windows are not working properly then you can contact 0x800705b4 for the best solution.

From past few days the Yeelight app is not working in my Windows system and I have also tried to reinstall but that also did not happen. The thing is that when I am trying to reinstall that, it showed me issue in Microsoft compatibility telemetry and I do not know how can I fix that.