Yeelight app displaying ad in chinese?

Guys, I hope you don’t mean this seriously?? When I run Yeelight app, I get the colorful ad in chinese???

Same thing here :expressionless:

Please at least provide translation :wink:

Did you connect to Mainland China server?

Yes, connected to china server.

Yes, China server, but my app language is English. Ad is showing in Chinese.

Chinese is default language on Mainland China, when we publish Chinese AD, it will be also pushed to those clients in other language.

Kind of annoying for non-chinese users. Will change.

Also, it should appear maybee once, but not several times!

Actually, how many times it appear depends on the push strategy configured in cloud. Currently it’s 3 times for most cases.

Thanks for your feedback, we will seriously think about it.

I’m connected to singapore server but I saw once an ad for the new candle yeelight when I opened the app. Are we talking about that or some other ads?

Different ad on different server. That candle ad is only for Singapore server users.

Language compatibility/support had always been an issue…