Yeelight App color selector

Hi, I have a question, for the color selector of the new App, why don´t you use a standard RGB triangle?

I think it´s much more convenient. Your new selector is not working well with pure colours, and also it´s not consistent. With this selector you won´t have the problems to have to force the selector in the corners too.

Look at the philips hue for example:

Hi, for more people, they don’t know what is 1931 CIE XYz Color Space, it will make users more confused if we provide, so we provide a simple way instead.
Besides, XY Color Space or RGB or HSV, they can transform with each other.

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Ok, but at least fix the colours. I don´t know what happen with the new bedside lamp wifi, but they are all very white. Much better on the old gen lamp.

Sorry for your waiting, we had finished the code, and have been testing it.

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Thank you for your continuous support.

Oh, yeah, it’s not only with the new bedside lamp, but also with the original one. All colors are very whashed out, red is just light pink, blue is hardly looks like any sort of blue and so on. The colors were so nice and deep before. @Shilinwang hope you guys will address this huge issue with colors.

A month has passed, and i´m still unable to set a default light, colours are not fixed, where is the wake up function? Please yeelight team tweak the lamp because it´s not working good.