Yeelight and Yonomi integration


I’m aware of the integration between Yeelight and IFTTT. However, Yonomi has certain advantages over IFTTT such as being able to create chained events. So I’m wondering if there are any plans for integration between Yonomi and Yeelight?

We never heard Yonomi before, is it very popular?

We will look into it. As it only has 500 reviewers in google play, it will certainly not our top priority.

Thanks for looking into this. Yonomi is probably still new but they are certainly picking up some traction especially among harmony hub users. :slight_smile:

Have not heard of yonomi before today but after looking into it they look like a good company who offer good services and connections. Maybe yonomi will only require the same files as you sent IFTTT? I’m sure they will want more companies on board with them. It will also further expand Yeelight.

Actually, Yonomi is more famous than Yeti. I wonder should we do the intergration?

Actually, Yeti does the integration with our open API, it only works on local network.

Oh, so, yonomi would do the same as for imperihome (already did), so on your site, it’d be a pleasure that you send a mail to ask yonomi about this intergration. Another app would be great is muzzle.

I have contacted yonomi to ask when they will do this, yonomi said this:


Thanks for reaching out.

This product is definitely on our list to integrate with in the future.

We can’t commit to when we may be able to deliver that integration, but your feedback helps us prioritize what we work on so we certainly appreciate it.

In the meantime, here is our list of currently supported devices.

Yonomi Support”

This is a good website.

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