Yeelight and Circadian rhythm sync

I was trying to automate the configuration of the bulb with the circadian rhythms of the human body to take advantage of the possibilities offered.

Basically it would be adjusting the color and temperature of the bulb throughout the day following the pattern of sunlight.

I have seen that there are already integration projects with flux, but I do not want to have my computer on in order to make it work.

My idea was to create automatic tasks (with the Mi Home app) every half hour to adjust the temperature of the bulb, but in the options I can only increase / decrease or change color, etc, but without being able to establish the exact value that I want.

Do you know any other way to do it?

You have to save each state in the favorites from Yeelight app, then you can apply the state in the Mi Home automation.

Yes, we have come to the same conclusion, despite is quite a laborious task…


Didn’t know that f.lux was able to control my Yeelights, this is cool! Not only that, I am 3 years late, apparently. The nice thing is that the moment I selected the Yeelight in the settings, it started working without me having to do anything. I used f.lux many years ago. Now that I have been using the windows built in night light feature, It has some bugs and doesn’t turn off sometimes. It’s a nice opportunity to try f.lux again.