Yeelight Alexa skill geographical restriction

I have been using the Yeelight Alexa skill via my Amazon US account for quite some time. Recently, Amazon launched the Echo devices in India and thus Alexa voice services are official available here. However, upon moving my Echo devices to my Amazon India account, I find that Yeelight Alexa skill is not available here due to geographical restrictions. I’d request the Yeelight developers to update the Alexa skill to make it available to Indian users as well.

Our skill is online just know, please try again and let us know if you have any issue using it from India

This was fast!!! Thanks a ton. The Yeelight skill is now available using my Amazon India account.

I have the same problem with Yeelight skill in Peru

Isnt available in PERU

That’s because Amazon Alexa team didn’t deploy there services there.