Yeelight Alexa skill for Mainland server

Hi there! I was wondering why the Yeelight alexa skill only works with Singapore server on Yeelight/Mi Home app. I wanted to use my yeelight bulbs and lightstrips with Alexa, and connect to the Mi home app instead of the yeelight app (So that I can set automation rules), but found out that I had to switch to Singapore server. So I did and reset my bulbs and lightstrips, but I was shocked to find that many of my other Xiaomi smart home products I couldnt add to the app on Singapore server.


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in exactly the same predicament as you since day1.
however i think the screwup (for whatever reasons) is on xm side, rather than yeelight. xm could have consolidated all servers instead of having 101 different servers. are they going to unscrew this situation? i think it was mentioned before it’s work-in-progress but i don’t hold out much hope considering xm is pretty bad on the software side. but can always hope.

so yeah, my xm/yeelight ecosystem is screwed as royally as yours so long there exists separate servers that have different catalogue on limited/different devices that you can add, and alexa that only works in selected server.

All servers are isolated not because of technical limitation, but due to the stupid privacy policy.

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So on the bottom line Alexa skill will work only on Singapore server? (Ceiling light)

All servers except China Mainland server support Alexa (IFTTT, Google Home).

But why xiaomi gateway doesnt work on singapore servers?


I don’t know either, maybe you can ask xiaomi gateway to know the reason.