Yeelight Alexa beta testing program ended


If I read correctly from @luhanglei link lights can be managed from local discovery ?
Implementation principle
Amazon Alexa → Amazon Cloud → Amazon Lambda → Intranet penetration server → LAN equipment → terminal (lights and other equipment)
It will be amazing if you try to implement this way, in this way we will have less than 1s delay.


Hi , how about if everyone sends polite message to Amazon
Would this help things along quicker ?
As I’m a prime member there usually only to happy to help !
I don’t even own a yeelight but I’m 100% I will as soon as Amazon give the thumbs up


Just a little DIY.
I can only implement it in this way beacause we can’t use cloud of Yeelight.
And you can read API Documents of Alexa Smart Home Skill, the device can only be discovered and controlled by cloud(lambda)


Deploy a Server (say a Pi) in your home and you can do everything just as through Yeelight cloud.


Can you please enable test program so I can use my yeelight with new amazon echo.
I have waited 1 month and it doesnt work, But I really need it.


Per Alexa team’s reply, the skill certification will be completed before end of next week. thanks for your patience!


Great news, but can you confirm if the skill will be available in UK?


Yes, available in US, UK and Germany


oh finnaly a good news
please remember to post it here when its official
im checking this forum 24/7


will this skill also work for the LED Stripe? And is there a Bedside lamp Wifi Versions also to integrate into the connection?


Yes and Yes.


Awesome news!

Will this also only work on Singapore server or now with official release also China server? Because I want to connect Xiaomi Smart switch with the Yeelights as well (which only works Mainland China server)


The support for China mainland server is not in the plan, please stay tuned for our update.


I can find the skill in the skills section. Linking the yeelight doesnt work yet though, i get an error. Also it looks like only on, off and dimming is supported. Will RGB / scene setting be included soon?


create a scene and run device discovery, it will be shown in your device list.


I had to manually remove YeelightAWS permission from my Mi-Account and link again. Then it worked.


I have switched my server from China to Singapore, login, find device, turn on and of it with smart phone and then go back to my just added skill to alexa, try to discover new devices but it doesnt see it. Only my hue lamp. wtf?


Try to re-login Alexa app and re-login Yeelight skills. Some UK or Germany users failed to find their devices, but relogin could solve the issue per our experience.


The skill works fine, also with self created secenes. Thanks a lot :wink:


I have deleted my skills, and try to add it again to alexa, = doesn’t help. Discover device doesn’t help me =(