Yeelight Alexa beta testing program ended

Hi all,

We have officially submitted our Alexa skill for final certification, the beta testing program has stopped. Once the skill is passed the final testing of Alexa team, it will be officially online. Please stay tuned and please stop applying for beta tester.

Wilson on behalf of Yeelight


Good news!!!

Just received my echo. That’s great!

Do you have any idea how long this process might take? Days, weeks, or month from now on? Thanks a lot

Days, hopefully! Believe me, we are eagerer to see the skill being published than anybody.


So what I would have to type in a search field on the skills page to find a yeelight when it will be approved?

Yes, will let you know how to do that, there will be some guidance showed in Yeelight app.

I can’t wait!!! I wonder does this also work with the Yeelight strip? or just the bulb? I’m planning to make a purchase of the strip light and ceiling light as well.

All kinds of Yeelight WiFi devices will be supported.

Hey Weiwei any update on the skill yet?

Already a week, not a word from Alexa team, I already sent a mail to ask for the progress, but again, no response…

Will it work with 米家 app or it only works with Yeelight Ap, thanks.

still no reply?

Still no reply, then replied my inquiry and said the they are working on the review.

I check this topic every single day with a hope that the Alexa skill is finally released.
I don’t understand why Amazon takes so much time for reviewing.
But anyway it would come eventually.
The good new is Xiaomi finally come to Vietnam - my country - so I could buy Yeelight & Xiaomi products in general more easier :slight_smile:

Thanks for choosing Xiaomi and Yeelight products! We will keep improving our products.

研究了下,自己也可以用极客模式制作一个Alexa Smart Home Skill先用着,等不及官方版的盆友可以自己做着玩,过程写到博客里了:


hey when is it ???
i cant effin wait already
give me something !!

Alexa Turn on gaming mode !
Alexa Start Disco mode !
Alexa Shut it all down !