Yeelight 450 vs 650

Hi, what is the difference between the yeelight 450 and 650 ?


  • smaller
  • different frame


  • larger
  • different frame (more beautiful in my opinion)

Anything else?

650 have also Ambilight that is cool on living room to watch tv. Check my video:

Thanks LucasRey,

I was planning to install this ceiling light in the bedroom, so having an ambilight wouldn’t be such a benefit.

“Was planning” because I found out those ceiling lights work on 200-220 V electric system, but in our country we have 230 V in households…

Can anyone recommend any adapter who handles this differences?

Works in Germany!

You don’t need adapter. 230V will be fine.

One more info… both lights can be bought either with normal shade or with starry shade (night stars effect).

But on one site, I noticed ‘starry’ version doesn’t have temperature control. Is this true?

Nope, both lamps are the same, only the plastic “dome” changes. I have the starry version and I can control the temperature without problem. Indeed the stars are only cosmetic.

That’s correct, nothing different but the shade.