Yeelight 3.1.09 released (Android version)


We have released new Android version to Google play, any questions please let us know!!

1、Add adaptive icon for Android 8.0;
2、Optimize shortcut for Android 8.0;
3、Add notification bar widget control;
4、Add device information page;
5、Optimize page of feedback;
6、Update SDK from mijia;
7、Fix issue of bluetooth device status sync of some functions.
8、Other bug fix and performance optimization.

It will be helpful for us if you like the application and rate for us in Google Play!!!

Many thanks!

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There is a little thing you need to fix. In Device info: Lifetime there is no plural. For example: 2hour30minute and the correct is 2 hours 30 minutes.



Maybe you can help reporting something interesting instead of only saying seriously?

Sorry for the problem.

Will fix it.

Hi, I have noticed a problem with the yeelight ceiling 650 mm. When you push the button to turn it off from the app, the ambilight remains ON (only the lamp turns off).

Please add android wear 2.0

…and support for TABLETS!!

…Tablets in landscape

That too but I’d be happy if only I don’t have to export APK from my phone and copy to my tablet… :slight_smile: