Yeelight 3.1.06

Great update!

1、Add adaptive icon for Android 8.0;
2、Optimize shortcut for Android 8.0;
3、Add notification bar widget control;
4、Add device information page;
5、Optimize page of feedback;
6、Other bug fix and performance optimization.

-device info is mainly in chinese
-App shortcuts is maybe new feature? but it is Android 7.1 feature, not 8.0. Although optimize could mean something else.

Wow, quick response about latest update.

We are waiting for translations yet, will release a new version once translated.


Hi! Finally this update bring the new shortcuts system in Oreo! Good job! Now the Shortcuts that I found inside the app ( toggle, scene,…) are created in the Launcher but they don’t work … but if I drag the new Shortcuts “turn all on” and “turn all off” in the launcher these work.
Even the Widget doesn’t seem to work .

With latest update the all lights offline problem got back to me. With version before I didn’t have this trouble anymore. Now it seems back.

Rebooting router didn’t help. After rebooting my mobile all my rooms are missing and still no bulbs get detected! :-/

When not being connected with my WLAN (connected through mobile network) it instantly works again and rooms are back too. :open_mouth: Seems to be the problem with guest WLAN again?! Using Xiaomi R2D router.

After connecting with WLAN again I can control the bulbs I controlled while being on mobile network all others are not responding on commands.

This issue has been fixed in latest beta version. Please try and let us know. thanks!

yes, I updated the app yesterday and now everything works great. thank you!

Dingyichen. Thanks for the adaptative icon for android Oreo, but why dont you make an effort and update the API level? You are still on Marshmallow…please update to API level 26 or 27.


According to the latest distribution nubmers from google, Marshmallow still has a market share of 28.6%.

We won’t change that API level until Oreo becomes the most popular system in the market.

@coasterli Are you aware Google requires API26 in Q4 this year?

Yes. I believe we will get that point before the deadline.

But at least update to Nougat API 25, Nougat is at 28,5% higher than marshmallow. I´m using february statistics.