Yeelight 3.1.0 feedback

Today I have received the yeelight 3.1.0 update on google play.

I can see nice improvements, specially with the bedside lamp 2 (an option to select a default light) and the color selector.

But the app still have the following problems:

-No option to adjust the notifications. I can´t hide the persistent notifications when a lamp is turned on.

-Control lan is always on. If you turn it off, when you unplug the lamp from the cord, after you turn it on again, Control Lan is turned on automatically, again and again. I have this problem with the bedside lamp 2 and i think with the ceiling light too.

And as a suggestion: Please upgrade with android 8 adaptative icon.

And I have a question: Does the newest firmwares come with Wifi Krack vulnerability patched?

Great works finally with my tablet!!!

I have again double devices listed. This was fixed in 3.0.40 or what ever it was that fixed the crashing bug.