Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Light


I have 2 new Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Light and i cant connect them to MI Home app.
I almost succed to connect but now I cant even find it on the app or on the phone WiFi list.
I tried to reset it by turn on and off 5 time with 2-3 second between.
Please let me e know how can I reset an d how can I connect to the app.
FIY, I tried every server in the list.


It’s Philips ceiling light, not Yeelight, all the firmware and app are developed by different team, we don’t know how to do that either.


Anyone knows which is better? The Philips or the yeelight version? If I check on value, then the Philips version is the winner. Price is almost the same.


What value?


Sorry, the lumen.


I believe in this forum, most will tell you Yeeligth is better choice.

BTW, lumen is not the only factor.