Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp and Xiaomi LCD Temperature & Humidity Sensor


I have set up Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp and it is working fine with the Mi Home app but I am trying to utilize the Bluetooth gateway function. I can see my 2 Xiaomi LCD Temperature & Humidity Sensors as “Devices available nearby” in the BLE Gateway section but I cannot find a way to pair them with the bedside lamp.

TheXiaomi LCD Temperature & Humidity Sensors are viewable from my phone via the Mi home app and bluetooth.

How can I get the Bedside lamp to act as a BLE gateway to my automation set up?


You don’t need to pair the sensors manually, the process is automatic.

Thank you for your response, you are correct, it seems that overnight the devices sorted things out and I can now remotely see the 2 Xiaomi LCD Temperature & Humidity Sensors.

I was mislead by the Mi home app. telling me “Devices available nearby”, perhaps something like “Devices available and connected” would be more informative.

Once again Thankyou