Xiaomi Mi Home Google HOME integration ?

I didn’t find a specific place to talk about that, so I’m here.

I would like to know if now it’s possible to connect the Xiaomi Mi Home smart kit to the Google Home, So I could control the kit with my voice. And also bonus, I would like to know if I could use the kit with IFTTT ?


Sorry, Mi Home smart kit is not made and maintained by Yeelight and we don’t know their plan…

It’s kind of impossible as XiaoMi has its own AI machine like Google Home, still in beta though.
They are actually creating an ecosystem without have to rely on others.

Not beta, already online for two weeks, very very very popular

mokchuzhen although we are offtopic since we are in Yeelight forum and not Xiaomi’s, sorry but calling the support for other platforms like IFTTT, Google Home, Amazon Echo etc as “have to rely on others” are just excuses from Xiaomi and we shouldnt fall in that trap. The fact that Xiaomi has its own voice assistant doesnt mean that their gateway couldnt work with other voice assistants.
Either way, you cant compare Amazon and Google with Xiaomi’s voice assistant, the first two are publicly open with public APIs, fully supporting other platforms like IFTTT etc, support many many products from many many different companies and can work with English language (not only) and are pretty sophisticated,
Xiaomi’s on the other hand is working properly (?) only in China and only for their own few products, so what is it good for for the rest of this planet and for users that have a smart home with different products not only by choise but as a necessity (a company CANT have all kind of sensors and products)? Market doesnt work like this! days where someone had all products in his house from a single company are long gone! there are thousands of different needs in our days that a single company cant satisfy and it wouldnt be logical to do so.

Having a closed echosysten is never in the benefit of the customer NO MATTER how well your own system works and if Xiaomi was as big as google or Amazon i would understand that the benefit of its customers doesnt mean benefit for Xiaomi (although both companies dont have closed echosystems and i dont think they are damn on this) but this is a different case here. Xiaomi has international customers and WANTS to be bigger and should always remember that and if they dont want to lose them and instead of bigger they become “smaller”, they have to think their policy over. Unless what we hear about Xiaomi wanting to become an international company and not only focused in the Chinese market is “fake news”.
I really think that some times Xiaomi as a company doesnt know its place in the market and suffers from delusions regarding its real status, position and size.
I think Xiaomi is going the wrong way taking big but clamsy steps.
You cant be both “Google-Amazon” AND “Philips” AND “Nest” AND “logitech” AND “Samsung” etc at the same time and i think you all get my point. In 2017 a company cant operate internationally like that.
Thankfully companies like Yeelight are much more down to earth doing small and calculated steps but sometimes are dragged down by their partnership with Xiaomi.

Anyway… i agree that with Xiaomi’s current policy i am not expecting this to happen anytime soon, but i really hope that they wake up and see further than this for their own good.

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Oh, really?
I thought it is still in beta.
Can’t get one though,sad, wait for restock.

stormdreamer, that’s their strategy.
China itself is a big market, if they can’t go for global, at least China market is good enough for them to make money.
Having closed market is unavoidable, like Huawei, they are not going to use chipset from other companies.
If Apple can produce good quality of OLED, do you think they will buy from Samsung?
That’s the reason why they invested in LG OLED, so does Google.
Creating a closed system is much more profitable to them, especially Google/Alexa can’t enter China.
It’s either take it or leave it, they couldn’t care less.
I raised the issue many times in Xiao Mi official bbs forum, no response at all.
It is not only us, user in China is also having issue in using the new app.
Automation can’t be manually created among gateway and some other devices.
All we can do is just wait.
As in Malaysia, Xiao Mi just launched the official premium shop.
They display many of their products, but just display only, can’t even buy.
I really doubt their marketing strategy, but it seems like they are expanding at a slow pace for global market.