Xiaomi Aqara Smart Switch

Do these work with yeelights out of the box?

Yes they work with all Yeelight products (except for the Yeelight Bedside Lamp) but you need to have the Xiaomi Gateway and create intelligent scenea.

For example:
Right button = Toggle
Left button = Change color
Two buttons = Put a scene (you have to decide which scene)

will it be possible to use with bedside lamp via xiaomi gateway

Only wifi based devices supported.

Hi guys. Anyone knows if Aqara wall switch two or one button will operate for one, two or long click press? Why wireless button swich can do it but the wall switch does not? Its a pitty, two button switch could have 6 setups. Now it has only three setups: left right and both buttons all single click.

Dont be so sure that the wireless button can do all three. The round one has the long press function but the new square (aqara that i bought a couple of them about a month ago) only has the single/double click

Yes, u right, i refered to xiaomi button not aqara. Anyway this might be a same question why aqara dont give double click. Small thing but makes big difference. For wall switch even more.

I just got aqara wireless switch, and I’m wondering how do you fix those to the wall? There are 2 screws in the pack but no instructions where those go to and how they’re used - I don’t see any holes when I open the switch?? Is there a manual in english somewhere??

If they are the wireless version, dont they have any adhesive tape inside the package to stick it to the wall like you do with the simple round xiaomi or square aqara switch?

They do, but there are also 2 screws, and I have NO IDEA what the manufacturer intended with them :slight_smile: Also, thisi adhesive thing is good only for furniture etc, you can’t stick it onto a wall because it’s not that smooth

Well trust me… i have many Xiaomi buttons (round and square) in every room for many months now using the tapes provided and they stick so good that you think that if you try to unstick them you would take part of the wall with them :slight_smile: