Will the alarm function work without wifi?

So if I program the lights to switch on at a certain time point, will that command be saved in the bulb, or in the app?
So if I turn off my phone at night, will the program still work and switch the lights on in the morning?

I believe that the Alarm is stored in the app and then the command is sent to the server when the alarm is set. It will not work without wifi. I don’t know however, if this has changed in Yeelight 3.0 beta.


Schedule settings save in the cloud server, the server will send command to the device when the time reaches. It is not depend on if application is running or not.

Schedule will be work if your bulb is connected.

Great! Thank you guys

Just to be clear, the phone can be off, but not Wifi, right?

Yes, schedules don’t depend on your phone.

But as the title says “will the alarm function work without wifi” - so if wifi is down or shut off - will it work (regardless of the phone being on or not)?

If wifi is down or shut off, the command from the cloud cannot send to the bulb, so the answer is no.