Wifi bedside lamp- use without wifi

Is there any way to set up and use the bedside lamp without a wifi connection? I don’t have wifi and want to use it with bluetooth

There’s no way. The bluetooth function inside the Mijia Bedside lamp is meant to be used for another purpose. The lamp has bluetooth so that it can act as a bluetooth gateway and integrate with other Mijia bluetooth devices.

Such a disappointment :sweat:

I also thought i can use the lamp with bluetooth.

Are you sure that bluetooth is only for “integrate with other Mijia bluetooth devices.”??

Because that gives the impression that it is also intended for control:
“Communication modeWi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz,蓝牙 4.2 BLE” (http://www.mi.com/us/mi-bedside-lamp/specs/)

The bluetooth function is only for the lamp to act as a “bluetooth gateway” not to control the actual lamp.

The lamp can act as a gateway so that if you have a Mijia bluetooth device and you connect it to the lamp, then you can remotely access the bluetooth devices via wifi even though bluetooth has a distance limit.

This video may help you better understand what I mean.


I understand completely the function of a bluetooth gateway!

but the possibility to use it as a gateway means not automatically that it is not for control, like the old version…