White Color issues

Recently, I bought a Yeelight Color Bulb RGBW 9W. Every feature is fine, yet there’s a problem.
In my app setting, I set my bulb to the white mode to 6500K, but the actual color seems to be around 4000-4100K, I already compare it to my 6500K conventional LED bulb with the same wattage. The result is absolutely different. Any ideas why? or it isn’t just me?

v2?? Are you sure? Because v2 has not been released yet! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I mean this is the second release for Yeelight Bulb lineup, I’ll edit to clear the misunderstood. Basically, it’s just the same as Yeelight LED Color Bulb ( RGBW ).

Have you updated to bulb to lastest firmware. Tell me which firmware it is.