White bulb - discontinued or just a shortage?


Any info on the white bulb and why it’s basically unavailable everywhere? Is it just a temp Christmas shortage or has the product been discontinued? If so what will replace it?

It would be a damn shame since I bought 5 and need 5 more :frowning:



The White bulb is still avaliable on Amazon US and Ca. Where are you living?



I’m in Europe (Croatia).
I’m usually buying through Gearbest…but they are out. I also noticed that both of the Chinese shops listed on your website are out of stock, and even AliExpress seems out of white ones.
I was just wandering if they will be resupplied eventually or is that bulb discontinued alltogether? I’m not in huge rush and I don’t want to pay double price on Amazon and such.



Yes, there are no white bulb avaliable on other channels excpet Amazon. I think this bulb will be ternamated but we are going to have new white bulb soon.





Any news when will there will be new white bulb? still not available anywhere



Hi Edwin

Probably in Month May and you will find white bulb on Amazon.



“probably in May” and “soon”.

this is not even funny anymore. it literally took you an entire year to release a “finished” product.
you said that you had the bulbs at CES 2018, WHY is it taking you people so long to release a product.
i am genuine curious.

it’s a freaking light bulb!


Well, let me explain about the delay.

Yes, the bulb is delayed as we want them to support apple home Kit.To do that, we will need to change the chip from a supplier to another which takes time to evaluate. Second, the bulb is ready to sell in March, however we need delivery the goods from China to USA by vessel which usually take one and half month. Therefore, when it available on amazon, May Thanks for understanding.




Well Sean,

the bulb was ready on January according to Yeelight. The bulb is not ready to sell in March because we are in March!
i live in EU so i need the 220V version. is it ready to be sold?


Hi Prime

Amazon EU, same time in May, but I think you can find the bulb on Gearbest earlier that in April I guess.