Which app should I use?

I’ve just bought 2 LED Color Bulbs and I’ve been having several issues to configure the correct app to use them. Checking on the internet I’ve seen that there are 3 possible apps:

  1. Mi Home downloaded from the Play Store
  2. Mi Home downloaded from Xiaomi web site (which is different than the one in the Play Store as it has more functions)
  3. Yeelight app.

I started with 1) and I could detect correctly the bulbs but it didn’t have the options of scheduling nor Music Flow. So I tried with 2) but in this case I couldn’t detect the bulbs even after resetting the devices several times. So I tried with 3) which seemed to work initially but after a couple of days one bulb got disconnected and I couldn’t connect it again.

So I’ve tried with 1) again and it worked, even if after a couple of days one bulb was not recognized anymore and I had to reset and configure it again. However in this app there are missing features.

I would like to know which app I should use to have all features and that works…


Yeelight is powered by Yeelight and Mihome is powered by Xiaomi. Both 1) and 3) are ok, actually they share the same data from the cloud, so the device online behavior should be same with in them. If you want more features of the bulb, Yeelight is better.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Do you mean that I can use the account I’ve created on Mi Home app also on the Yeelight app?

I know Yeelight is better but the problem is that it won’t connect to the bulbs while Mi Home does…

Yes, you are right, they share the same server data.

This looks weird, both mihome and Yeelight have the same quickconnect process. Did you deny some permissions of Yeelight?

Please note if a device has been connected to the cloud, it won’t by discovered by other phones/tables.

OK, I’ve reinstalled Yeelight and it works with the same login info as Mi Home. So it’s fine now.

On the second point, I had reset the bulb before trying to connect with Yeelight and I hadn’t denied any permission, but I cannot check again as they are now registered and they work.

Thanks for your help.

Fine, glad to hear it works.

Hi, nornally i use Yeelight app, more functions to bulbs, but i bought some devices as a wireless switch and i need to use in MI HOME app.

I have both apps configured, but MI Home don’t have the bulbs, is it possible to control the same bulbs in the same app?

Device data are separate in different server, please make sure you connect all the device to the same server. As in you case, it seems wireless switch only supports server of China Mainland, so you need connect all your bulbs to China Mainland again!

Since i change to China Mainland, google home stopped recognized the commands to turn on and off. Is it possible that this server don’t work with google home?

Google and Alexa support are only available for servers except China Mainland.
This is due to local laws and regulations, we are sorry for the inconvenience.