Whey avg anti virus recognize yeelight app as a malware

I received a warning from avg anti virus that yeelight is flag as a malware app

Hi, I download avg anti-virus and got the same result after I reinstall Yeelight app. I did some research on it, finally, I found the root cause why this happened. As you know, Yeelight app supports Android Wear. If you connect your watch with the phone, your watch will automatically sync wear app from your phone. Which means there is wear install package from the phone’s app that support Android Wear. And Yeelight also has yeelight-wear.apk packaged in Yeelight app, that’s what avg anti virus detects Yeelight as PUP(Potentially unwanted program). I made a test that package Yeelight without Android wear support, there’s no warning at all. So don’t worry about the warning, Yeelight app is safe enough. Hope you can understand my explanation.

I created this account specifically to comment this.
Even if its harmless, it downloaded itself on my phone while I was like texting and stuff and the alert popped up. I had no idea what yeelight was and I was like I’m not downloading anything and then I searched it up


As you can text in English very well, stop posting that screen with the language that most the forum users don’t understand. Show us the English version, then we can help to figure it out.

I download avg anti virus from Google Play, I didn’t get any warning of Yeelight application after scanning.

I have also Yeelight app and playprotect from the playstore since a few months ago. I did not get any warning so far. Everything works seamlessly.