Whats the different?

I came across with two types of night lights.
What are the differences between them beside the recharge battery? which is newer model?


I am not expert here, but coincidentally I came across these as well and from what I can tell, one has USB (re)charging and the other doesn’t…

The battery difference is obvious but is there any changes else? Beside the battery

The battery version has a switch to select the brightness.
The chargable version has a switch to select the mode (either automatic or always-on).

Both of them have a super long battery life.

What is the battery recharge mode? Is it just automatic?

Sorry, I didn’t get your point

I meant the battery version. does it also have two modes?

no, the battery version only has automatic mode. It can support two different brightness.

what is the brightness of the rechargeable ?

The battery version has a switch to select the brightness (0.7lm and 3.8lm)
The chargeable version has a switch to select the mode: automatic mode which brightness is 3.5lm, always-on mode which brightness is 7lm.

Both of their color temperature is 2700k.

how do I hang the battery version on wall?
there is a plastic hanger (I think) inside the box but does it support the light weight?

The battery night light includes 3M back glue to support its own weight, you can just stick the light on the wall directly, or stick the plastic hanger on its back to connect hook.

Is it 3m double sided tape or some kind of sticky rubber

Just got my chargable light! :slight_smile: Super great!

I think it’s some kind of sticky rubber

The Yeelight chargable lamp?

Chargable night light


Me too! First I was little disappointed there was no magnet but then I realized sticker part is removable and magnet is there :thumbsup:

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How do I know when to charge this? Will the charging light blink or what?