Whats the difference between Ceiling Light Moon 450 and 480


Is it only the size and shape or are there any other differences?

Do all three have the led at the top?


Only the 650 has the color LED on the top.


There is also another difference, each version will have two colours: white and with stars


Hola @Miquel12003,

Can you confirm to me that only the 650 will have the color led on the top?

I saw something in the website of the product, but i used google translator to translate, but i’m not sure about the translation did it. I will wait to english website to confirm that.

I’m from spain.



What does that mean “with stars”?



Here without “stars”:

An here with “stars”:



how many lumen has the new ceiling ?


Maximum up to 2200 lumens.


Yes, you are right. Both Ceiling 450 and 480 has version of White and Stars. It is only different in the size and shape.


Thanks, but 2200 lumen for all the new ceiling?

450 led - 2200lm
480 led - 2200lm
650 led - 2200lm


In case someone’s interested, here’s the video of unboxing and configuration of Ceiling 480