WebSocket / Web API

Hello. Will there ever be a WebSocket or an API for controlling the bulb / led?
I want to create a web app that listens to music and controlls the color, brightness but at the moment it requires TCP, only accessible through chrome extension.

Also, a second question. Is there anything I can do to increase performance? I want to create pulsating effects in the beats, but that would mean 3 commands 2-3 brightness sets that take a lot of time.

Thank you!

Sorry, websocket is not supported since it’s only a bulb and we can’t afford such heavy protocol.
If you want to bypass the limitation, please try “set_music” command.

Yes, I think that websocket is not supported and you can go to https://netgears.support/blog/netgear-r6700-nighthawk-ac1750-review/ for any kind of help related to it.