Web Control Panel


Would we be able to create an IoT web panel? That way if we dont have our phone nearby or its charging we can still control the lights?

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here is a chrome demo, you can control the light with chrome.

I get this error on the chrome app.
And I was hoping for an IoT app not just a local app.

how do i use the chrome demo? i downloaded a zip and… extract and run, it opens a page in chrome with jumbled text, doesnt do anything.

come into Extensions of Chrome, enable the Developer mode, and choose yeelight_demo_app folder to Load unpacked extension.
and then launch the extension, turn on developer mode on Yeelight app on you cellphone, then you will see the bulb on the list, double-click to connect, then you can control it with the command

thanks v much. i managed to get some bulbs connected. i realized developer mode is enabled inside individual bulbs’ setting. Next i discovered the device (in this case, my pc) needs to be on the same WiFi as the bulbs.

After that, i keep getting:
RSP: {“id”:(null), “error”:{“code”:-1, “message”:“invalid command”}}

is there a sample command that i could try to emulate? like what should i enter as “id”?

Hi, kittikat

if you open the demo, you will see a short instruction like

you can get more commands from here:

It is good to have a customised web control panel in the user interface and if you do not have then go to https://uaetechnician.ae/samsung-service-centre to learn more.