We Need your Help!

To user whose devices often show offline:

If your devices show offline in yours app, but you don’t know why and you are sure it has connected to cloud. Please help to confirm that if the device can by controlled by “Turn All On” and “Turn All Off” button from Yeelight app. If the answer is yes, please PM me, we need your help.


i’ve been having this problem since installing beta version (i have more details of the issue in another thread).
That was on android 5.0

However ever since upgraded to android 8.0 (oreo) the “offline” problem has gone away. been on oreo for about 2 weeks already and everytime all bulbs are “online”. no issues since oreo!

to be clear, no “offline” problem before the recent app update (20-Nov) nor after the app update.

PS: i updated to oreo around 15-nov