Wake Up Timer Not Working

New user here. Having issues with wake up timer. Set it in the new beta but light does not turn on at the set time often. Is the wake up timer a function of the light or is the phone turning on the light at the time requested?

Using the bedside light plus Nexus 6 running 7.1.1 with the newest beta from play store.

Any help troubleshooting would be great.

So. I figured out the issue. It seems to be a bug in the Software. If you do not set the wakeup event to repeat it will not trigger the light. Ever when you get the event to repeat it only runs once.

Hi! I was wondering something similar. I found out that the phone is not needed once you have scheduled an event. The problem comes with the lamp. It seems to me it hasn’t any embedded timer so it needs to be connected to the internet to know the time to run the event. If there’s no connection then nothing happens.
Does it work this way for anyone or just me?

Thanks for your feedback,we will take a look at it when we back from holiday(Spring Festival).