Various suggestions

  1. In Mi Home the interface of every Yeelight (strip, bulb or bedside lamp) is the same the OLD Yeelight app, it would be less confusing if you make it similar to the new Yeelight interface, adding also new functions like scenes and customisations.

  2. since the new Bedside Lamp is also a BLE Gateway, add integration of Mi Band 2 in Mi Home, it could be used for more than just turn off the bedside lamp when sleeping (i.e. When Miband says you are sleeping, then turn off every light and socket, turno on with Sunset scene Bedside lamp, turn on Arming mode)

  3. In mi home, all the actions of the led strip are not translated in english.

  4. in Yeelight app, make add more settings for Bedside Lamp and MiBand, maybe the ability of starting a scene when you fall asleep.