Using f.lux with Yeelights! First alpha release


No, but it will be amazing, if yes :wink:


I have talked to f.lux developer weeks ago, he promised to integrate Yeelight product natively.

In the latest beta Windows version, you will find Yeelight options.



please join in f.lux beta testing and let us know if you run into any issue with it.


How does it work? I installed beta version, in Option is Connected Lightning and checked YeeLight.

This is for all light in same network segment? Automatically?



Might be False positive, but it’s picked up by 7 AV’s as a Trojan.


Oh, my! That’s bad. I just used some generic py2exe tool to build it so I am confident that these are just false positives but I don’t want to trigger anyones antivirus. Until further notice I am removing the windows builds and releases until I find another way to compile it as an exe that doesn’t trigger any virus warnings.

I am very sorry for any confusion this might have caused. For now, if you don’t want to deal with python, just use the newly released native Yeelight integration of f.lux it works just as well.


Just wanted to let you guys know that I compiled the python script with another method now that won’t trigger any trojan or malware reports:

New VirusTotal scan:
(1/60, only one saying “Unsafe” - no false positives saying trojans or something)