Using f.lux with Yeelights! First alpha release


Yes, you’re right, it does. No way for me to read out the color values out of that though.
Also f.lux has been there for almost a decade now, gradually dims your screen with many different options and modes and also supports a variety of operating systems. Way better than the native solution imo.


@lepathi & @kamppa
New version with the option to control only bulbs that are powered on is coming tomorrow :slight_smile:


Yes, I thought it would have more options etc. Interesting script anyway, I’ll have to examine the code :slight_smile:


That’s awesome to hear.

Thx for the update and notice. :heart_eyes:


Thanks @davidr.
So far I have managed to download and install Python on my Mac. When I tried to run, it opened a Terminal window with some commands running, what should I do after that?


:scream: Can’t wait to see the changes you made.


Hey guys,
sorry for the delay, got busy with work. I think I have successfully implemented the light state checking feature, check out this new test build and report back if it works! Next up I will add an installer and autostart feature. Also I will try to make the script run completely in the background without that console.

Cheers and have a great weekend!


Good job, David!




Working great.
Nice to see your progress. :grinning:

Hope to be able to learn python too after my abitur.

I also placed a shortcut to the fluxee.exe into my shell:startup folder. Works like a charm now. :heart_eyes:

“Also I will try to make the script run completely in the background without that console.”
Totally looking forward to that.


I can definitely recommend it. I have no background in real coding, just some web dev stuff. I was able to write this script with just a few hours of going through tutorials and courses.

Viel Erfolg beim Abi!


Cool :thumbsup:


Hi there @davidr,

I hope you’re still developing fluxee…?
I really like it. It’s very useful and it just works :wink:
Could you also implement the different colour modes from f.lux, e.g. Himalayan Salt Lamp, Emerald City…
That would be nice to have:thumbsup:
Anyway, thank you for your effort!


Thanks for the feedback, @AlexxAnders. No worries, I have not forgot this project but at the moment I’m a bit busy with university. I will try to look into it this weekend, though I don’t know whether f.lux reports back those colour modes via its API. I can only work with the values f.lux provides, I will take a look at those.
Cheers and have a good one.


It will be amazing, if this support natively Yeelight, without PC with FLUX.



That is not possible as this script is only intended for f.lux which is a specific application for your PC.

If you want a similar experience, you can set scheduled scenes in the Yeelight app yourself. For example, dim your lights to 5000K temperature and 80% brightness at 20h, 4000K and 60% at 21h, etc. down to 1900K and 10% brightness in the end of the evening.


I know, but it can support Yeelight directly.

Scenes have problem with no support ambilight together with main light.


I know, but it can support Yeelight directly.

Can you tell me how? I’d be very interested in that.


In future, not now :wink: Write it on wishlist!


Huh? I don’t understand. Does it support flux natively, just a simple yes or no?