User feedback (v.2.3.79): Fix English and other comments

Calling @dingyichen and @coasterli

Here are my comments for the new Beta version (v.2.3.79).

Fix the English for the following:

  • “Snap the beauty of light…”:
    This should be more correctly in English:

“Seize the beauty of light - Have Yeelight save the color you want to remember of your precious moment”
“Seize the beauty of light - Yeelight will save the color you want to remember of your precious moment”.

  • Default Light > Set Default

  • Delay Timer > Timer (otherwise it seems like there’s a delay before it goes on)

  • Lan Control > LAN Control

  • Save light state automatically: I would suggest the following “The device will remember the last light state and use it…”

  • “Flash Notify” might be better as “Blink”

  • “Alexa”: fix “Alexa enables…”

  • “Google Home”: a few things. The image should read “works with Google Assistant” (without “the”). You should call this “Google Home and Google Assistant” (not just Home).

  • “More Tools”: “Build your own Yeelight tool and share it with…”


Thanks for your feedback! We will fix the translation accordingly.

Another translation:

  • “Music Flow”: should read “Start Music Flow to change the colors of your light based on the surrounding sound.”

Other remarks regarding the current GUI:

  • The UI is much nicer, so compliments to whomever worked on that! And it’s great that now we have rooms! I also like the new color selector much better!

  • I do feel that the icons are taking up too much space, and if they were smaller I wouldn’t need to scroll. I would like to see an option to resize the grid (option to see 3,4,5… columns of icons). It would also be nice to let the user reorder the icons (drag and drop), and to see personalized favorites on this screen too (rather than having to go through so many extra clicks).

  • A dark/light theme would be nice (and automatic based on time).

  • Let’s talk about the side menu: It took me a while to figure out there was no option to go to the scene/room/device screen. I would suggest adding a “Main Controls” link there in the menu and putting it on top.

  • The hierarchy of the slideout side menu is weird: Integration (where the user can’t interact, and it just seems like it’s there to show why Yeelight is cool!) should be lower on the hierarchy of the menu. Also “More” is not very useful as a label, or as a screen. Besides info which should go into an “About” section, there is only “Check for Update” (which is also it’s own link in the larger menu, and so it can be removed) and “Server” (which I think should be moved to the profile/account screen).

  • Based on the above, I’d suggest the following:
    – Main Controls (or whatever you want to call it)
    – Customization
    – Firmware Update
    – FAQ
    – Message Center
    – About

  • I’d like to see the RGD/HEX value of the color being selected or being able to input my own RGB/HEX value, something like what I see when I click on “Color Picker”.

Still regarding current GUI:

  • I can’t find how to enable/disable the Yeelight notification shortcut (i.e. the permanent notification that shows up when you drop down the notifications).

Here are some other suggestions for the devs:

  • Creating complex scenes/favorites/etc which allows the user to control more than one light (for example I want to 1) shut off light1 and 2) turn on light2 at 25% and 3) after a timer of 10min shut it off - with one click). Allowing these to be saved as scenes or whatever then could be better integrated with Yeelight’s inbuilt “shortcuts” as well as Google Assistant, Tasker, IFTTT, etc.

  • “Remember default state” should remember a default state - so the lighting I want when I turn on the light - and not whatever the last active lighting was (for example if I had a scene on). I’ve commented on this in one of the threads before, and I think doesn’t make sense the way it is right now.

  • Better integration with Google Home: As of now, when I ask “Talk to Yeelight Actions” it never comes up (how should I pronounce “Yeelight”?!). I’d want to be able to command it to “Make the light blue” or to turn on a scene or favorite. How exactly I would I do this?

“Talk to Yeelight Actions” You shouldn’t need to command GH in this manner. If you have a bulb called kitchen just say “Turn on/off Kitchen”, “Make Kitchen Blue”. Same goes for groups, if you have two bulbs in a group called living room just say “Turn on/off Living room”, “Make living room Blue”.

When I do that I get:

“I also need to know which device to use. Try saying that again, and include the device’s name”

Since I have more than one bulb, what should I be saying? And there’s no way of saying “Yeelight” so that she understands…

Why would you want to say Yeelight, it makes the command clunky. What are the names of your bulbs? Are any of them in groups?

Like i mentioned I have two bulbs in my living room, they have individual names, one is small lamp one is tall lamp. I can control both independently with a command like “Turn on small/tall lamp”. They are also both added to a group I named living room so using the command “Turn on Living room” it will turn on both bulbs.

Why would you want to say Yeelight, it makes the command clunky. What are the names of your bulbs? Are any of them in groups?

OK, I see. So the lights had the default names (“Yeelight Color Bulb”).

I now changed the name to “TV light”, and it’s associated to a room (“living room”). When I ask to “turn on TV light” or “turn on living room light”, i still get web results though.

Did you discover device in Google Home app?

Yeah you may need to rediscover in the GH app

I was having problems (sorry for hijacking the thread on a totally different topic), which I eventually solved by clearing the data from Google app, and relinking my Yeelight account.

I apologize. Looking at other apps, this might be better labeled as “Sleep Timer” (instead of just Timer).

Any solution to this?

@coasterli I found other quirks in the English translation. Yeelight support might want to go over this thread, since some things have been updated in the recent version, but not everything. Here you go!:

  • “Firmware Update” I would just say “You’re up to date!” (unless the “all” is referring to “all devices”, for which “Firmware for all all devices are up to date.” I would also suggest adding the firmware version installed on this screen.

  • “Share your device with family” > Not just family, but friends, guests, etc. Do I would reword it as “Share your device with someone you trust: Allow someone else to control your device.” But honestly this is weird: it says “on/off, change the temperature, etc.” - what is “etc”? What else could they do?! My suggestion is to use the above wording and then have a bullet point list of what exactly they are able to control.

  • Is “Message Center” supposed to be where users send messages to the customer support? It shows “No response” (as in “no response to your messages?”). If so, I don’t see where to send a message to the helpdesk. Or is this a “Notification center”, where you send messages to us?

I tried inputting another email address, but it didn’t show up. I’m curious exactly how this works. My guess the email has to be attached to a Mi account: if so, this needs to be specified here.

Another comment: I just happened by chance to swipe left and found more options. You should make this clear somewhere that users have more options by swiping left on some elements.

Hi, it would be cool if you could share your customizations with others so you could use others customizations and color flows.