Unable to reset


Hi !

I got yeelight bulb II and I connected it to my phone via bluetooth. How can I reset it and connect to my xiaomi smart home ? I tried to turn it on/off 5-10 times with different delays, but this didn’t help me.

Thanks !


Which device do you have, Yeelight Color bulb or Yeelight blue II? Yeelight Color bulb is a wifi based device, you can reset it by switch it on/off five time(in a row). While Yeelight blue II is a bluetooth based device, which can not connect to xiaomi smart home.


Thanks !

I have Blue II :frowning: anyway how can I reset it ?


Hi, navyhod

The Blue II is a bluetooth device, so you needn’t reset it if you want to connect with a new phone, just break the connection between the bulb and old phone, and use a new phone to find and connect.


Thank you ! :slight_smile:


I tried to reset Yeelight color bulb, but its not working. I reset, but when i turning it on, the light flash 3 times and turning it off and it’s unable to connect wi-fi and sync. Could you help me?


can you see the color flow after reset?


Please double check the voltage requirement printed on the package.