Unable to connect light anymore

I have gone through the very same issue : bulb found on phone (both yeelight and mi home apps), trying to add it in the device list and connection timeout finally… It’s been 3 weeks and 150 times (my estimation, not kidding !) I have tried to add the bulb in my network and device list and I finally succeeded today ! :grinning:
Here is what I did : turn on & off the bulb every second and sometimes even faster during maybe 1 minute. When I say “faster” I mean the bulb didn’t even had the time to show up before I shut it down again… Just on/off like a crazy ! The bulb did reset several times but I kept shutting it down again and again quite fast. Ok, that looks desperate behavior, but hey… I launched Mi Home app again (connected to Main China server) and bulb connection worked immediately !!
I’m now happy :slight_smile:. All is working smoothly !
Maybe you can try this if you are as desperate I was and confirm you get as lucky I am… I hope it can work for some of you and help you getting back to relaxing mood under the nice yeelight bulb light :slight_smile:

It seems the bulb is in factory mode, please have a try with:

I have remove one lamp from my device then I reset it and try to find from Yeelight APP which I have in my phone.
From Yeelight APP I cannot find any of my lamps. I reset all lamps several times. I uninstall and install Yeelight APP also several times. I try from Mi Home APP also without any luck. I try with 3 different routers also I cannot find any of my lamps. I can see them on Wi Fi I can connect to each lamp wifi but cannot see them inside the APP. All lamps have the latest Firmware. All lamps have excelent wifi signal because before I delete them all lamps were working fine. I try with all servers but still I cannot find any lamp to connect.

You need to connect the lamp again after you reset it, so please try to connect them again.

I read this somewhere n it works

Try this. Worked for me
Logout from your account on mi home/yeelight app
Login with these credentials
Username: lixin@yeelight.net
Password: yeelight1234
Add your device. If it adds, great… Now update the firmware.
Logout of this account and logback into yours.

Which device do you have? Yeelight bulb?

@dingyichen I have the same problem with a MI LED Desk Lamp. I have tried to reset the Lamp, it is blinking 5 times and after it is turning on. What can I do?