Turn on light when I get to specific location

I just saw this option in IFTTT, Is it possible to apply this on certain days of week or after specific hour and not every time I enter the area I defined?

It depends on IFTTT trigger conditions, it is out of our capability.

who is responsible to it?
can I build IFTTT trigger ?

If this then that, we can only control the that part, you need to find the proper this.

I don’t quite understand. there is a receipe to turn on YEELIGHT when I enter an area (Set a light scene when you enter an area (Android) how hard is to insert trigger of specific time and day also to the area?

This applet is only a demo that shows how to use Yeelight service, if you want more powerful combination, you need to define the applet yourself. Click “+this” and you will find thousands of trigger conditions, you can search what you need there.

Theoretical, what about using IFTTT with JAVA code?
will it be possible to define days and hours

Use Tasker, You’ve seen the Limits of IFTTT.

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I am using Tasker for this purpose too.
It seems like IFTTT’s recipe is limited to one trigger only.
Tasker can have more.
I have been using it for Yeelight for months but still experimenting with it, too many possibilities to play with.

I have just completed new feature to support Tasker Variables, which will provide more possibilities. Will release in beta channel in days.

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I tried to use tasker before IFTTT, didn’t work well… I couldn’t get light on when I’m entering specific location on map.
I tried using this task:

Android beta version 2.3.21 has been released, which include Tasker Variables and Group Sleep Timer.