Yeelight Ceiling Light Pro (YLXD08YL), half of LEDs light even when lamp is off

Recently bought this lamp.Unfortunately half of LEDs light when lamp is soft off (via app or remote). That is terrible at night (see the photo below).
The firmware is last available 1.5.9_0021
I tried to change the live and neutral wire. Tried to connect with ground and without. The same result:(
Any suggestion?


Good to know, how did you resolved the issue?

First of all don’t connect the ground wire (don’t pay attention, whar manual says). If you will connect the ground , all leds will shine when lamp is off.
Regarding my case: When i drilled holes to mount the lamp, one of them went through metal rebar in ceiling panel. That rebar acted as ground. Problem was solved, after removing that one screw.