Lightbulbs get unresponsive and stuck in last position

I’m having issues with all bulbs (white and color). Couple times per week some of them become unresponsive. This happens randomly with random bulb. The bulb gets stuck in last setting and needs to be turned off and then on to reconnect. I’m using Google WiFi router and it shows that bulb is connected, but when I try to ping it or access LAN API it doesn’t respond. This is quite annoying. Also I’m using the latest firmware. Please help.

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I have the same problem with bulbs and lightstrip (LAN MODE ON). Unfortunately Yeelight stuff doesn’t respond for this issue.

Such a shame. Well, I guess I’ll be returning all 29 bulbs back on Monday.

How many devices do you connected to your router? And how many devices does your router support connected at the same time.

I have a mesh network with 3 Google WiFi nodes, each 2x2 antennas. Nodes are connected over gigabit UTP cables and a passive switch. Currently there’s 45 devices on the network +/- 10. I don’t have issues with any other device on the net. But that is not the point. Even if (and that is a major if) there will be network problem/congestion I would expect the bulb to reconnect or at least try its best to resume the service. Also, after I power off-on the bulb it gets available quite fast. From router perspective, the bulb is still connected to the net, but is not responding on pings and any service calls. As if bulb internal service is dead or stuck. I also have to mention that bulbs IP addresses are reserved on the net, meaning the bulb has a static IP.

Is there a way I can provide you with bulb debug info next time it happens?

I am not sure if the state is correct, cause you can ping it successfully if it is connected.

I have the same problem.
About 50 Xiaomi/Yeelight devices connected to network.
Only two of them ColorBulbV2 and LightStrip is getting stuck after 3-5 minutes.
This happens only when the LAN mode is turned on. Bulb and LightStrip hangs at last state. In Yeelight app Bulb status is Online, but I cannot turn it on/off or change anything.
This happens after update to latest firmware. Before update everything worked fine.