Bedside WIFI lamp wont connect

Hi Support,

As many others here, my new Xiaomi Bedside lamp (WiFi version) fails to connect to your servers.
Lamp successfully connects to router, its listed in the connected devices (yeelink-light-bslamp1_mibt88334).
I have tried both apps Mi Home and Yeelight and its fails on the last step “Device connecting to network”.
Tried with hotspot from my Samsung S9 and other phone with installed Mi Home, no success.
I am using the Europe server, have tried also China and Singapore, no success.
In the router connections, I see lamp trying to reach IP with status UNREPLIED (most likely host didn’t respond to lamp request), I ran ping from my PC and it was successful.

Of course have tried several restarts of the lamp, router restart and the router is 2,4Ghz.

I am out of ideas, please help!

My ID is 6156250846
I am located in Bulgaria if that matters.


Found solution for the problem from here