Only 8 devices out of 21 showing up in MI HOME APP


I am struggling with your ecosystem unfortunately.
I want to set up some automation which I have to use the MI HOME app for apparently.
But problem is, I’m missing 13 of my lights from the YEELIGHT app in the MI HOME app
What do I do? We agree that MI HOME should automatically update devices added in the YEELIGHT app right?

I’m running the latest IOS APPS
Singapore server for both
MI ID 1854262590

Strange thing is that under HOME MANAGER it says 21 devices in total
but everywhere else they are not listed anywhere
bedroom has 1 device
living room 7 devices
No devices anywhere else to be seen

are you on the same server in Yeelight and MiHome apps?

Yes both on singapore

What’s the missing devices type?
Could you send some screenshots of both Yeelight and MiHome app

Devices are a mix of 1st and 2nd gen color bulbs and LED strips
(only the 2nd gen color bulbs are missing)

As you can see I have 22 devices registered in yeelight app right now (including 2 candelas) but MI HOME is only registering 7 lights + 1 camera (but in one of the screenshots it says 21 devices, but they aren’t visible) ; (

Which server do you select? According to strategy of mihome, they don’t support devices that don’t sell officially in the area with the server.

Singapore server
I am happy to switch server to get everything to work, if you just tell me which server to use that every product and every feature works on.

The missing lights are ALL 2nd generation color bulbs. Are you saying these are not sold officially in singapore?

Yes, most of devices are supported at China Mainland server.

Is there somethings that AREN"T supported there?
like music flow or anything else?

2nd generation Yeelight color bulbs are not officially sold in singapore?

I think they don’t support devices that are sold in Europe (I believe there is European Gateway and Robot vacum cleaner) I am not sure about the rest… :slight_smile: