Problems combining Ceeling Light and Xiaomi Zigbee sensors

I can connect the Yeelight App to the Mi Ceiling Light 480mm using the China Server, and it works, but when I connect it using the Singapore server, I can see it in the app, but it is always offline. When I use the German server, I cannot connect it at all.

Trying with the Xiaomi Home on the Singapore server, app, I only get a generic Blutooth setting/pairing display when trying to connect the ceiling lamp.

I have also a set of Mi Zigbee based sensors and a Xiaomi/Roborock Vacuum cleaner that mostly work with the Xiaomi Home App on the Singapore server (Zigbee devices seem not to work on their German server, Roborock from here does not work on the China Server…)

Is there any way at all to control the Ceiling light using the Zigbee sensors (on/off switch and motion detector) with the any app towards the the Singapore server?