Yeelight ceeling light reset with remote


I hope you can help me here. I have mounted the yeelight ceiling lamp YLXD01YL on the ceiling. The only way I can turn it on and off is with a remote, there is no other switch to turn it on or off. I am having trouble with connecting it to Yeelight or Mi Home app as the device does not appear. As I understand I should do factory reset on the lamp, but all the info I can find, that factory reset should be done with the wall switch, by pressing it on and off 5 times. Do you know if such procedure is possible with remote control, because there is no wall switch for this lamp, as I said i can only turn it on or off with remote. What is the procedure to do factory reset with remote? I have tried holding on and off buttons 2 sec each 5 times like written in the manual, but the lamp did not show any breathing signs. I would really like to integrate the lamp with the app…

Thanks for your help

But there’s no way to reset with remote:sweat_smile: