Yeelight LED Bulb V2 as a room lamp?


I plan to buy the Yeelight V2 LED Bulb.
Is single Yeelight V2 enough to be used as a room lamp? Since V2 is brighter than V1 (800 Lms vs 600 Lms).
My room size is 3x3 meters, the lamp placed on the ceiling.
Or i must buy Yeelight Ceiling light?
Thanks before. Sorry my bad english.


IMHO, one bulb is only for very small spaces and is not enough for main light in a room. I have living room like 5,5x4,5 and I have 2 bulbs in standing lamps, and it is not enough to i.e. read a book, so I also have a ceiling 650 light. You better go with ceiling 450 or 480, I have that in my kid’s room (2,5x4) and it is really bright. I have no ceiling 320, so I can’t say if it is bright enough.


OK thanks for your suggestion, but, isn’t the price of Yeelight Ceiling too expensive?
In my country it’s hard to find correct type/variant of YC since there’s no official store, (domestic) online shop also didn’t help very well (doesn’t provide sufficient information) about Yeelight product variant (also there’s no buyer of YC product, since the price too expensive), I found the YC price’s about 5X or more than the Bulb. On the other hand, Yeelight Bulb sales are quite a lot.


Well, yes, it is more expensive, but you can get it off of Gearbest cheaper when they have sales, i.e. 320 is sometimes like $55 USD and 480 can be bought for $75. I know that is more than a bulb (which is ~20$) but you get what you pay for… I just stated that I think 1 bulb is not enough for medium sized room… If you’f get 3 bulbs, that is already like 60$ which is more than 320 ceiling.


I have two Yeelight V2 bulbs that I use for my living room. They are more than enough to completely illuminate the room, which is 12ftx16ft