Yeelight Ceiling Lamps blinks on reconnect to WiFi on last firmware


I have 2 Yeelight 480 lamps and one 650 lamp.
With last firmware, when light switched on and lamps reconnect to wifi they blinks once every time.
It’s very annoyng…
And, on previous firmware my lamps stay connected on wifi ap for at least 24 hours without reconnects. On last firmware they reconnects every 2-3 hours.
I have Xiaomi Phillips ceiling lamp too, it stay connected for 48 hours minimum, so it’s not a WiFi access point problem.

Thanks for you feedback, we will take a look at the issue.

Could you provider more information:

  1. Which version of firmware do you have?
  2. How do you know the lamp reconnects to wifi every 2~3 hours? Please check lifetime of the lamp from settings of Yeelight application.

Although I’m not the thread opener, I have exactly the same issue. I have firmware 1.5.9_0053. I can confirm that in the event logs of my router (Fritzbox 7490) the yeelight reconnects every 2-3 hours (today I had reconnects at 0:07, 2:31, 4:54, 7:17 …). With all other devices in my network I don’t have such issues.

Reconnect means that it disconnects and connects again in the same second. While doing that the light blinks for a moment (almost goes off and immediately on again). The lifetime in the Yeelight app starts from 0 after each reconnect.

Is this a known issue?