Yeelight Ceiling Light malfunctioning after update

After updating my Ceiling Lamp via Yeelight app to firmware 1.5.9_0189 I’ve noticed a really bad bug.

Using the light in Sun mode, results in a completely dead warm leds. Meaning that in sun mode only cold leds work. If I try to change white temperature, shifting from cold to warm, instead of changing all the leds the light only dims the cold ones without turning into the warm ones.

The warm leds only work in night mode. This is a really bad and frustrating behavior.

Has anyone else faced this problem? If so, did you find any solution?

Thank you in advance for any help given!
Have a nice day!

I just also wanted to say that I have this firmware version on two yeelight celling lights and they both have huge packet loss around 55%.

Before the update the lamp did not have this behaviour.

I also have a yeelight light bulb on a desk in the same room and I have no problems and under 2% packet loss.

So something in this firmware version just borked the lamps.
Is there any way to revert back to a previous firmware? I need them to turn on fast and not take seconds to light on.

Hey guys,

Any news about this? This new light was bought a couple of days ago…